A lasting tribute A Tribute Fund is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of someone special whilst supporting the vital work of St Luke's Hospice Plymouth.

Your Tribute Fund

Setting up your Celebrate a Life Tribute Fund is simple, and once set up it can provide a special space for family and friends to share precious thoughts and memories through words, photos, videos and music. There is also the option to light a candle for your loved one and continue celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

St Luke's Hospice Plymouth

Providing specialist palliative care at home, hospital and the Hospice.

We are passionate about offering our patients dignity and choice at a time in their lives when they may feel they have none. Our vision is to provide the best end of life care to all patients wherever their `preferred place of care´ might be - Hospice, Hospital or Home. The St Luke´s network of care stretches far beyond the walls of the Hospice inpatient unit at Turnchapel, Plymouth reaching out to more than 2,000 patients each year. Alongside the specialist medical and nursing care, patients are also offered practical, financial, emotional and spiritual support. Government funding covers less than 30% of the cost of caring for inpatients. We therefore have to raise at least £3.5 million from the local community every year so the fundraising never stops!

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Fundraise for us

Get involved today and fundraise for St Luke's! Help us to continue to provide vital end of life care to the local community by getting involved with our fundraising.

Your Tribute Fund gives the opportunity to collect donations in memory of your loved one, perhaps to mark a birthday or anniversary, as a gift to St Luke's.

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